Download Wraith Cydia Tweak for iOS 11/12 without Jailbreak


Are you looking for Snapchat++ and Phantom Cydia alternative? Wraith is new Cydia tweak that can be installed without jailbreaking iPhone on iOS 11 and iOS 12.

Phantom for Snapchat has been one of the best Cydia tweak. It allow users to get most out of one of the most famous social media app called Snapchat.

Wraith Cydia Tweak


Because of the strict policies of Snapchat, iOS users mostly have been looking for Cydia tweaks. SnapChat++ is yet another Cydia tweak that allowed users to remove some of the Snapchat restrictions (like notifications of taking screenshots of pics and messages).

Wraith is new addition to Snapchat Cydia tweak that lets you remove the locked features and access them.

While users love having access to the modifications that you can make to your iDevice, many are unwilling to jailbreak their devices because:

  • jailbreak probably voids the device warranty
  • jailbreak can leave a device unstable
  • Apple warns of privacy and security issues
  • many popular apps and services detect jailbreak and block devices when it is detected
  • jailbreak can be a waste of time if the device automatically updates to the newest iOS
  • jailbreaking well can be difficult to achieve

The good thing is that Wraith can be installed without jailbreaking iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 and iOS 12.

Download Wraith for Snapchat without Jailbreak

This method utilizes iNoCydia. iNoCydia is a third-party app which works similarly to Cydia on devices that have not been jailbroken. You won’t find all of the apps, games, and tweaks that you’ll find in Cydia with iNoCydia, but there are still a lot that you can take advantage of without having to jailbreak your device.

To install Wraith for Snapchat without jailbreak, follow the steps below:

  1. Download iNoCydia.
  2. Search for “Wraith”.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to proceed with installation.

Launch Wraith for Snapchat from homescreen and enjoy. It is good alternative to SnapChat++ and Phantom for Snapchat, with supports for latest iOS 12, whose final version is going to be released with latest iPhone.

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