Download TetherNoJailbreak Tweak for iOS 12 iPhone without Jailbreak


TetherNoJailbreak is a Cydia tweak that help user to tether their cellular network on iPhone XS Max, XR, iPhone 8 Plus, SE, 6S and 5 without any restriction.


If you have faced a scenario when you need to get urgent work done on your laptop or tablet without a data connection, then tethering the data on iPhone is the best option at that time. Unfortunately, some network does not allow to tether your data on iPhone. Especially in iOS 12, this can be done in some conditions.


Many carriers will allow you to tether your iDevice, and this is the only way they want you to consider tethering. But they will charge you a lot of money to make it happen. Some allow “free tethering” but only if you sign up for the most expensive data plan. This bothers us, because what you end up doing is paying twice for the same amount of data, just to share it with your other devices.

Many users end up jailbreaking their devices to be able to tether for free. After jailbreaking, they might install an app like TetherMe.

But not everyone wants to jailbreak their device. Jailbreaking your device has quite a bit of risk, as you could brick the phone or you could find that a lot of your favorite apps that you need to do your work no longer function for you.

This is where Cydia tweak named TetherNoJailbreak comes to rescue us. With TetherNoJailbreak for iOS 12 without jailbreak installed on your iPhone, create a hotspot and tether it either with WiFi or USB.

Steps to Install TetherNoJailbreak for iOS 12 without Jailbreak

Luckily, TetherNoJailbreak can be installed without the requirement of Cydia with jailbreak. All you need is to follow simple steps mentioned below.

TetherNoJailbreak for iOS 12

Step 1: First of all, download Cydia for iOS 12 without jailbreak.

Step 2: When Cydia is installed, launch it. Search for “TetherNoJailbreak for iOS 12” and proceed with its installation.

Step 3: After successfull installation of TetherNoJailbreak for iOS 12, close Cydia. Restart your iPhone. Now go to settings app to configure this tweak and enjoy tethering your iPhone fast internet on other devices.

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