TetherNoJailbreak for iOS 11/11.3/11.4: Hotspot Tethering on WiFi/Data Network without Jailbreak


iOS 11, iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4 comes with lot of limitations when tethering is concerned. Generally, iPhone has built-in tethering feature, however, it has lot of restrictions.

Wifi Hotspot Tethering on iPHone

In order to tether your data connection on iPhone running on iOS 11, you will need to be allowed by your network supporter. When you go through your network, they will often charge you a lot of money to utilize tethering (not all, but some).


And even if they do allow tethering (or even when you pay for it) there will still likely be usage restrictions (as far as how much data you can use, even if you sign up for an unlimited plan).

If not, then the only solution is to utilize the Cydia jailbreak tweaks.

But luckily tweaks like TetherNoJailbreak are now available for iOS users without the requirement of jailbreaking the device first.

TetherNoJailbreak Tweak

Thanks to a tweak called TetherNoJailbreak, you can now tether your data connection with your PC or computer without requiring to jailbreak your iPhone.

TetherNoJailbreak for iOS 11.3 and iOS 1Jailbreak

How to Install TetherNoJailbreak for iOS 11/11.3/11.4 without Jailbreak to Create WiFi Hotspot

If you want to share your fast data internet connection of your iPhone with your friends for unlimited data, then you must install TetherNoJailbreak tweak. It supports:

  • iOS 11.4
  • iOS 11.3
  • iOS 11.2
  • iOS 11

In order to install TetherNoJailbreak to share your WiFi hotspot data connection with friends, follow the steps below:

  1. Download TetherNoJailbreak IPA file from here.
  2. Install it using Cydia Impactor.

Once done, launch TetherNoJailbreak from your homescreen. Configure it as per your iPhone data connection and let your friends enjoy your iPhone internet using WiFi hotspot.

If you have any questions regarding configuration of TetherNoJailbreak Cydia tweak on your iPhone running on iOS 11.3 or iOS 11.4, feel free to ask us.

Wrap Up

Were you able to get TetherNoJailbreak up and running on your iOS device? Any problems? Let us know in the comments section below.

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