Switch to Strong WiFi with StrongerFi Cydia Tweak without Jailbreak in iOS 12


Are you at the location where you have options of different WiFi? This mostly happens at airport or other public space.

It would be very good if the iOS 12 had built-in option to automatically connect to the strongest available WiFi network. Well, that is not actually the case. Instead, you have to examine each network individually, and take the time to find the best one. This wastes valuable time when you could be working or enjoying some other activity.

However, while many people would desire to modify their devices to save some time in the future, they are leery of jailbreaking their phones. We don’t blame them. Jailbreaking is a lot of fun but it can make your phone unstable or cause you to be blocked from using some of your favorite apps or accessing apps that you need to run your business.


How to Connect to Strongest WiFi in iOS 12 without Jailbreak

StrongerFi is a Cydia tweak that lets your iPhone to automatically connect to the strongest available WiFi network in iOS 12. It is very easy to use. Right after the installation of this Cydia tweak, you need nothing else. Everything is done out of the box.

StrongerFi Cydia Tweak iOS 12

If you have updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12 and want to install this tweak, then there is only one method. First of all, download Cydia without jailbreaking your iOS 12 device using below tutorial:

After installation of Cydia, follow the steps below to install StrongerFi for iOS 12 Cydia tweak without jailbreak:

  1. Launch Cydia from your homescreen.
  2. Search for “StrongerFi for iOS 12”.
  3. Install it.

When the installation is completed, disconnect your iPhone from connected WiFi. Turn off the Wifi in iOS 12 and then turn it on again. It will automatically detect the strongest available network and will then connect to it.

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