[Solved] iPhone X Charging Slow and Percentage Stuck at 80% or 90%


Today, while charging my iPhone X, I noticed that its percentage is stuck on 83%. I removed and let it charge again and then it got stuck at 87%.

Nervous (because it is over $1000 gadget), I decided to look for solutions to this problem online. During my search for solution, I found that this is common issue and has been faced by lot of iPhone X users.

iPhone X


So if you are facing same issue on your iPhone X, absolutely worry not as 99% times it is software issue. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to fix this annoying iPhone X not charging at all or percentage stuck at 80% or 90%.

How to Fix iPhone X Charging Slow or Percentage Stuck

Different solutions for this problem were present online. I will cover each one in detail including the one that worked in my case.

Fix iPhone X not charging or Percentage Stuck

Update the iPhone X to Latest available Firmware

This is the method that worked out in my case. My iPhone X was running on iOS 11.2 when I faced this problem. Immediately, I updated it to latest iOS 11.3.1. After the update was complete, my iPhone X was bit hot.

I kept it in cold place for about 10 minutes so its temperature is normalized. After that, I let it charge and this time it was successfully completely charged to 100%.

Restart your iPhone

Soft restarting your iPhone is reported to work in many users cases to fix the iPhone X not charging or percentage stuck error. Simply restart your iPhone and then let it charge again.

Let iPhone X Cool Down

There is built-in feature in iOS that lets iPhone to stop charging when the temperature of battery goes up. This is to make sure that battery remain safe. So the issue of iPhone stucking at certain charge percentage might be due to temperature. So let your iPhone X cool down. After some time, let it charge again.

Restore your iPhone X

Unfortunately, if none of above method works, reset your iPhone to factory setting and then restore from iTunes backup. However, before proceeding with this method, make sure that you backup your iPhone with iTunes before proceeding with this method.

These were the four methods used to fix iPhone X when it is not charging or is stuck at 80 or 90%. Let me know which one worked on your iPhone X.

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