[Solved] Cydia Tweaks Not Showing in Settings After iOS 11 – 11.3.1 Jailbreak


We all jailbreak our beloved iOS devices just for the purpose of using Cydia Tweaks. However, if these tweaks cannot show up in Settings app after Electra 1131, then there is nothing to worry, as you can solve this problem.

When you install App from iOS AppStore, its icon is placed on the iOS homescreen from where it can be launched. However, in case of Cydia, the tweak settings goes in to the default iOS settings app. When iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak was released by LiberiOS, lot of users were complaining about different issues. Now, users are faced sort of similar issues with Electra 1131 iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak.

Cydia Tweaks Not Showing in Settings App on iOS 11 and 11.2


It was in beta stage at that time. However, some users are still facing issues with their iOS 11, 11.1.2 and 11.3.1 jailbroken iDevices. The most common problem is that Cydia tweaks do not show up in the Settings app on iPhone/iPad.

Fix Cydia Tweaks Not Showing up in Settings App in iOS 11 – 11.3.1

There are two methods to fix this annoying issue of Cydia tweaks. We will discuss both in details.

Method 1: Using Anemone

  1. Download Anemone on your iPhone/iPad that is jailbroken on iOS 11, 11.1.2 or 11.3.1
  2. Repsring your iDevice from inside Anemone.

After it is restarted, check out if you see the Cydia tweaks in the Settings app. If the problem still persists, try out second method.

Method 2: Using Filza

  1. Download and install Filza.
  2. Launch Filza.
  3. Go to -/bootstrap/Library/PreferenceLoader.
  4. Create a new folder with name of Preferences.
  5. Now copy all the contents of PreferenceLoader folder inside Preference Folder.
  6. Once done, open the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad.

Using any of the above method, you can easily fix the problem of Cydia tweaks not showing in Settings app on iOS 11, iOS 11.2 or iOS 11.3.1.

Update: Coolstar has released Electra 1131 version 1.0.1 which is said to fix this problem of Cydia tweaks or Electra icon not showing up on homescreen.

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