Saurik Updated APT Repo for Cydia LiberiOS 11 Jailbreak


As you are aware, recently the LiberiOS 11 jailbreak tool was released for all iDevices running on firmware up to iOS 11.2.1. However, the main issue with this jailbreak tool was non-compatibility with Cydia.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is package manager app that helps you find and install apps and other software that the Apple Store hasn’t authorized on jailbroken devices. When people refer to Cydia, they might also be referring to the Cydia App Store, which is a popular place for people to find and download iOS apps and tweaks (not official).

Cydia is a popular place to find modifications for your iDevice and also tons of games that aren’t available through the Apple Store. Many of the apps and tweaks in Cydia are free, but some are paid.


Cydia After Recent Jailbreak

Cydia being the major component of jailbreak should have been updated before the release of LiberiOS 11 untethered jailbreak tool. This misunderstanding between Saurik (Cydia Founder) and LiberiOS tool developer has created few troubles for jailbreak lovers.

Saurik Working on Cydia iOS 11 Update

Cydia Being Updated by Saurik to Support iOS 11 Jailbreak

Now when LiberiOS 11 jailbreak is already out and thousands of users have already jailbroken their iDevices using this tool, Saurik made up his mind to finally update Cydia.

Weeks after LiberiOS, another jailbreak tool named Houdini11 was released for iOS 11 -11.2.1, but that lacked the same Cydia.

Yes, if you rely too much on Cydia jailbreak tool, then good news is that Saurik has started to update his APT repository. This is clear sign and indication of update work on Cydia in progress.

Hopefully, we will be able to get Cydia support for iOS 11 LiberiOS jailbreak tool sooner than expected.

Wrap Up

Have you been able to get Cydia working again for the iOS 11 LiberiOS jailbreak? Do you still have questions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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