Saurik Hints on p0sixninja iOS 11.2/11.2.6 Untethered Jailbreak

p0sixninja, a once renowned jailbreak hacker has just came out of no-where and made us all excited. According to him, Saurik new upcoming jailbreak tool is going to support latest iOS 11.2, 11.2.5 and 11.2.6 for untethered jailbreak.

p0xixninja iOS 11.2/11.2.6 Untethered Jailbreak

iOS 11.2.x p0sixninja Untethered Jailbreak Tool

We got iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak tools quite a time ago. However, Cydia support for iOS 11.1 jailbreak was pending. Now we got to know that Saurik is working on his own jailbreak tool that will support latest iOS 11.2.x firmware too on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

p0sixninja was member of Chronic dev. team that actively contributed to jailbreak community. Since Saurik has also confirmed that he is working with a classic jailbreak developer to release a tool, we can conclude that it will be for sure p0sixninja.

Apple has made it very hard for developer to jailbreak iOS 11.2 or above version. However, due to KPP bypass, it can be relatively very easy if jailbreak community gets their hand on this exploit.

Moreover, latest versions like iOS 11.2.5 and iOS 11.2.6 can also be jailbroken using KPP Bypass exploit.

Stay tuned with us for more updates about p0sixninja iOS 11.2/11.2.6 untethered jailbreak release.

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