Restore iPhone to iOS 11.3.1 Using BLOBS To Make it Ready for Electra Jailbreak


Earlier last week, iOS 11.3.1 Kernel exploit was released in public that enlightened the hopes of jailbreak community. To excite the iOS users more, Coolstar, the developer behind Electra Jailbreak announced that he will soon release iOS 11.3.1 untethered jailbreak, thanks to Kernel exploit.

This was indeed great news. However, the bad news at that time was that Apple already stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 from iOS 11.4. Moreover, iOS 11.4 jailbreak is also under process.

Luckily, thanks to a tutorial, you can now restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iOS 11.3.1 to make it ready for Electra Jailbreak.


Guide to Restore iPhone/iPad to iOS 11.3.1 from iOS 11.4 Using BLOBS

We recommend to take a complete backup of your iOS device with iTunes before proceeding with tutorial. This is to ensure that incase something goes wrong, your data is safe.

Restore to iOS 11.3.1 using BLOBS

Once you are done with backup, follow the steps below to restore your iDevice to iOS 11.3.1 using BLOBS:

  1. Download iOS 11.3.1 IPSW.
  2. Download futurerestore and noncereboot1131.
  3. Install the noncereboot1131 code on your iPhone/iPad using Xcode project.

Congratulations! You have successfully restore or downgraded your iPhone/iPad to iOS 11.3.1.

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