Remote Mouse Controller: Control your Mac or PC from iPhone without Jailbreak


Remote Mouse Controller tweak is new addition to Cydia store that allow users to control their Windows based PC or Mac from their iPhone. This revolutionary app can also be installed without need of jailbreak on iDevices running on iOS 11, iOS 11.0.3 or iOS 11.1.

Remote Mouse Controller for iOS 11

Most of the time, when you are feeling to much tired, you want to control your Macbook or Windows laptop from your iPhone. This happens with almost everybody. Previously this was impossible, especially in case of un-jailbroken iDevice. Now thanks to developer behind Remote Mouse Cydia app or tweak (whatever you call it), you can easily achieve this target.


We totally understand why people would only consider this tweak if it was made possible without jailbreak. Apple continually battles the jailbreak community, and while the jailbreak community seems to do good for Apple (which it will never acknowledge), there are some definite downsides to jailbreaking. (Bricking phones, unstable phones, loss of functionality of other apps, loss of warranty, having to start over every time the handset auto-updates, etc)

Remote Mouse Controller for iPhone without Jailbreak

How to Control Mac or PC from iPhone Using Remote Mouse Controller Cydia Tweak

This app is very easy to use and carries very simple user-friendly interface. Follow the steps below on how to control your Macbook or PC from your iPhone remotely:

  1. First of all launch any web browser on your iDevice, but preferably Safari.
  2. Search for “Remove Mouse Controller for iPhone” and hit the button.
  3. On homepage, select your device: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  4. Once it is connected to Remote Controller, you will be able to see your PC or Mac screen there.
  5. Easily control it from there using your iPhone.

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