Fix Podcast Not Working on Apple Watch


Smart watches are very popular nowadays and it all started when Apple released its iWatch or Apple Watch and now, users are also able to listen to music by wearing apple smart watch.

But listening to music from your smart watch is not like listening from your smartphone as both the devices have different structure and formalities. Apple smart watch now include podcast app from which you can listen to audio content. This app was introduced officially by Spotify.

fix Podcast Not Working

Methods to Fix Podcast Not Working on Apple Watch

In this guide, we will cover all the methods related to issues while you face using apple smart watches.


Method # 1: How To Fix No Sound’s Issue on Apple Smart watch

If you are listening to audio on apple watch directly, you will not be able to hear the content. In that case, you need to connect a Bluetooth enabled device in order to hear the content. If you have already connect the Bluetooth device and still you can’t hear the content, then you should proceed to check the connection.

Go to the “setting” on your apple smart watch. Then tap on “Bluetooth” option. In Bluetooth window, check the Bluetooth device (headphones) or something you would like to use are connected.

If they are not connected, then simply tap on “not connected”. After being connected, check the audio is now working.

Method # 2: How To Pair Your Audio Device For the First Time To Apple Watch

You need to place the device in pairing mode, you want to connect it to your apple watch. In apple watch, go to “settings”. Tap on “Bluetooth” option. In Bluetooth window, you will be able to see the “device” you want to connect, if it your device is in pairing mode. Tap on it to Add it.

Method # 3: How To Check The Volume on Apple Watch

Sometimes you forget to check the volume while playing music or some other audio content and you can’t hear the sound in your Bluetooth connected device. In that case, it seemed to be audio is not running or any other problem like connectivity problem but the audio is running on your apple watch. Therefore, the actual reason behind this issue is the volume you forget.

In order to check the volume on your apple watch. Follow the below steps:

  • Simply tap on the song that is running in your audio app on your apple watch.
  • Tap on the “Volume circle”. Increase the volume.

Method # 4: How To Sync Podcast on Your Apple Watch

  1. Navigate To Watch App on your iPhone.
  2. In watch tab, you will see “podcasts” option.
  3. Tap on it. Tap on “Custom” to change the settings.
  4. Now, you can choose the podcasts by yourself to add to apple watch. By default, it will feature only one episode from every show.

These were some of the most successful methods to help you fix Podcast not working issue on Apple Watch. Let us know if you are still facing any problem!

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