How to Fix FaceID Not Working on iPhone X, XS or XS Max in iOS 12

Fix FaceID Not Working iOS 12

Some users are reporting issues with FaceID on their iPhone X, XS and XS Max after updating it to iOS 12? Are you also facing FaceID is disabled error or issues on your iPhone? Don’t worry, it is mostly because of software issues and there are four methods to deal with this problem.

Methods to Fix iPhone is Disabled without Losing Data (iOS 12)

Fix iPhone is Disabled iOS 12

If you are an iPhone user, then you will probably aware of its strict security measures when it comes to Passcode and iCloud. So what to do if you enter your passcode wrongly too many times and it is now disabled? Is there any way to unlock it without losing your date, if you don’t already have iCloud or iTunes backup on iOS 12? Let’s find out.

5 Best Retro Games Available for iPhone and iPad (Paid & Free)

Nokia Snake 97

If you are in your twenties or early thirties, I am sure you would remember playing games like Mario, Missile Command and mine sweeper in your childhood. Do you miss them? Well, thanks to some awesome developers who have developed such kind of retro games for iOS devices including iPhone and iPad to bring back the nostalgic feelings of good old days.