OpenAppMkt: Install Cydia Tweaks without Jailbreak in iOS 12 on iPhone


Updated your iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, SE, 6S, iPad Mini/Air, iPhone X or iPhone 5/4S to iOS 12? Well, there is no untethered jailbreak available for iOS 12, but luckily, thanks to OpenAppMkt, you can try out Cydia tweaks without jailbreak.

OpenAppMkt Cydia without Jailbreak iOS 11.4


OpenAppMkt is a web based Cydia store. It is packed with lot of Cydia tweaks. OpenAppMkt is basically a Cydia alternative. It does not require any jailbreak. Normally, for installation of Cydia tweaks, you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.


It is because by default, Apple does not allow any kind of modification to its iOS. This is the reason people look for jailbreak solutions.

Apart from that fact, some people, though, want to enjoy the freedom to install Cydia tweaks, but do not want to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad. It is for the reason being stability.

For such users, OpenAppMkt is very useful. It will allow them to try out their favorite Cydia tweaks without need of jailbreaking iPhone or iPad. Recently iOS 12 was released by Apple to fix the problems of iOS 11.3. The good news is that OpenAppMkt is compatible with iOS 12 too.

How to Install Cydia without Jailbreak in iOS 12 using OpenAppMkt

Since OpenAppMkt is web based Cydia solution, so it does not require any installation. All you need is to launch Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad and head over to OpenAppMkt.

Search for your favorite Cydia tweak there and proceed with its installation. Enjoy installing your favorite Cydia tweak on iOS 12, thanks to OpenAppMkt.

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