Stop Apps from Revoke in iOS 11/12 with NoThnx Anti Revoke Tweak – No Jailbreak Required

Are you using Cydia tweaks which are sideloaded with Cydia Impactor in iOS 12 or iOS 11? If yes, then you might be facing the revoke issue. Try NoThnx Anti Revoke Cydia tweak that solves this problem.

NoThnx AntiRevoke iOS 12 and iOS 11

With NoThnx Anti Revoke Cydia tweak, you will be able to use the sideloaded Cydia tweak without any issues forever. Forget about revoked access.

NoThnx AntiRevoke Cydia Tweak for iOS 12/11 without Jailbreak

Anti Revoke is available for iOS 11 and iOS 12 devices and does not require any jailbreak. However, make sure you have Tweakbox installed. If not, you may follow the tutorials below, depending on your iOS version:

After installation of TweakBox, you can proceed with installation of your favorite Cydia tweak on un-jailbroken iPhone or iPad the normal way.

NoThnx Anti Revoke Cydia tweak will require you to have Cydia for iOS 12 or iOS 11 installed. If not, then download Cydia for iOS 12 first and then follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Cydia for iOS 12.
  2. Search for “NoThnx Anti Revoke Cydia Tweak”.
  3. Proceed with its installation.

After installation of NoThnx Anti Revoke Cydia Tweak is completed, launch it and use the Cydia tweak in iOS 12.

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