Mirror iPhone/iPad Display to Mac and Windows PC (No Jailbreak)

Want to show off your iOS 11 powered iPhone X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S or iPad Air to your friend by mirroring its display on his Windows PC or Macbook? If yes, then follow this easy to understand tutorial.


Few years ago, tasks like changing ringtone on iPhone, controlling PC remotely through iPhone or mirroring its display seemed to be very tough. However, ever since Cydia Impactor was released, such things became reality without need of jailbreak.

If you have ever thought of mirroring your iPhone/iPad display on your Windows PC or Macbook, then good news is it can be done easily without any Cydia tweak or app, with QuickTime.

Mirror iPhone iPad Display to Mac and Windows PC

Guide to Mirror iPhone or iPad Display to Mac or Windows PC with QuickTime

Follow the simple steps below to get your iPhone/iPad screen mirrored on your Mac or WIndows PC with jailbreak:

  1. First of all launch QuickTime player on your Macbook. In Windows, you will need to install Quicktime before proceeding.
  2. In Quicktime player, look for File tab. Connect your iOS 11 powered iPhone or iPad to your computer (Mac or PC).
  3. Click on “New Movie Recording” option after your device is recognized by QuickTime player.
  4. If there is issue with recording, select the “iPhone” or “iPad” option from the dropdown menu. As soon as you select this option, you will see your iPhone screen on your computer.

Incase you are having any trouble while mirroring iPhone on Mac or Windows PC, let us know the details.

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