[iOS 12.1.2] Fix LTE Calling and SMS Issues on iPhone


Do you own iPhone X, 8 Plus, 6S, SE or any other model running on iOS 12 and is giving error related to LTE calling and SMS? Learn out how to fix these problems with ease without any restoration from backup.

In the world of smartphones, we all want new and updated versions as we get bored using the old one. Whenever a new software update is released, we want to update our iPhone to it as soon as possible. Same happened with iOS 12.1.2 when it was released.

Fix LTE Calling and SMS Issues


Many users have reported that they are facing problems after updating their iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 as they are unable to make phone calls or sending or receive messages. Also, they are facing problem-related to cellular data. The issue occurs at the time when the device is connected to LTE cellular network and making voice over LTE calls.

Method to Fix LTE Calling and SMS Issue on iOS 12.1.2 without Downgrade or Restore

Instead of waiting for an official release to fix this issue, you should go ahead and follow the below steps in order to get rid of this problem.

  1. Navigate to “settings” on your phone and then tap on “Cellular Mobile/Data”.
  2. Make sure that Cellular Mobile Data toggle is ON and then tap on “WiFi Calling” option.
  3. After directing to the next page, simply disable the “WiFi Calling Feature”.
  4. After that, go back and tap on “Cellular Mobile Data options”.
  5. You will see “Enable 4G” option, tap on it and then choose “Data only”.
  6. At last, restart your phone and you are good to go. By following the above steps, you will not be able to make voice over LTE calls.

When the official fix for this issue release, then you need to enable the “WiFi calling feature” and also enable Voice and Data in order to go back to original settings.

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