[iOS 12] Fix Facebook Push Notifications Not Working on iPhone and iPad


Some avid Facebook users are reporting issues with push notifications on their iPhones and iPads which is updated to iOS 12. Are you one of them? Here’re different methods to help you fix this problem.

Facebook App for iOS 12

What are Facebook Push Notifications?

Before we proceed, let me put some light on what exactly is meant by push notifications. Basically push notifications refers to message or notification that is sent by an installed app (Facebook in this case), when the app is not opened.

For example, in Facebook app case on your iPhone, push notification is what you get on your iDevice homescreen when someone like your photo or comment on that. Fair enough?


Alright, now that you know what exactly are push notifications, let us find out how to fix them if they are not working.

How to Fix Facebook Push Notifications Not Working on iPhone or iPad in iOS 12

There might be several reasons for this error. We will start with fixing most common one first. So let’s proceed.

Fix Facebook Push Notifications Not Working on iPhone or iPad in iOS 12

Fix # 1: Check if Push Notifications are Enabled

  1. Open Settings app. Go to Facebook.
  2. Check if the toggle switch is “On” for “Allow Notifications” options.
  3. If not, toggle it On and if it is already on, turn it off and then on it again.
  4. When you turn it on, select the alert options for all including Lock screen, notification center and banners.

Fix # 2: Update Facebook App

If the above fix does not work out for you, then the problem may be with Facebook app itself. Updating it will most likely fix the problem for you. To update Facebook app on iPhone or iPad, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch AppStore on your iDevice.
  2. Go to Updates tab at the bottom.
  3. If there is update available for Facebook, do that and then launch the app again.

So these were the main causes of non-working of Facebook push notifications on iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad.

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