Get iOS 12 Screen Time Feature in iOS 11 without Cydia Jailbreak


Apple introduced a new feature called Screen Time in iOS 12. It give users control over their device and particular app use. This new Screen Time feature helps users increase their productivity by getting rid of distractions caused by apps, mostly social media apps.

iOS 12 Screen Time

iOS 12 Screen Time Feature Review

In case you want to give this new feature a try, you will need to install iOS 12 developer beta on your iPhone or iPad. Once on iOS 12, you can use Screen Time from Settings app. There, you will be able to see the time a particular app is used in iPhone.


Now this is where the most amazing feature of Screen Time is. You can set the time limit for each app. For example, if you set 1 hour for Facebook app, then upon exceeding that time in a day, the app won’t open. You will be rather presented with a warning that daily time limit for this app is reached.

How to Get iOS 12 Screen Time Feature in iOS 11

If you do not want to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12 beta, but still want to try out this amazing feature called Screen Time, you need to have some luck.

Get iOS 12 Screen Time in iOS 11 without Jailbreak

Here, we will describe some methods to get iOS 12 Screen Time feature in iOS 11 powered iPhone or iPad without need of jailbreaking it.

Till we get some good Cydia tweak to get exactly the same iOS 12 Screen Time feature in iOS 11, I recommend you to give the Cydia tweaks a try:

They almost serve the same purpose of allowing you limit a particular app usage. To install them without jailbreak, try iNoCydia.

Cydia is filled with lot of Cydia tweaks that serve as alternative of new iOS 12 features. Since iOS 12 has just been released, we are yet to see a good Cydia tweak that replicates Screen Time feature.

Hopefully, in near future, we will see a Screen Time Cydia tweak for iOS 11 to get exactly the same iOS 12 feature without jailbreaking our iPhone or iPad.

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