iOS 11.3 Untethered Jailbreak Update from Yalu and LiberiOS


iOS 11.3 is out for last few weeks with lot of new features and bug fixes. There are news that vulnerabilities have been discovered in iOS 11.3 that might lead to possible jailbreak tool development by Team Yalu and LiberiOS to release iOS 11.3 untethered jailbreak.

Yalu and LiberiOS Jailbreak for iOS 11.3

iOS 11.3 Untethered Jailbreak Update

Apple released iOS 11.3 with features like Battery health and new animojis support. However, it still lacks some improvements and features that users want in iOS. For this reason, owners of iPhone and iPads are looking forward towards iOS 11.3 untethered jailbreak.


iOS 11.3 Untethered Jailbreak

By jailbreaking iDevices on iOS 11.3, Cydia provides option to install tweaks. These tweaks ranges from customization to changing ringtones. So we can say that jailbreaking is similar to rooting.

Lot of users rely of too many jailbreak tweaks like MovieBox, Emus4u and vShare. For these users, jailbreak is very important.

Tethered vs untethered jailbreak

A tethered jailbreak requires that the iPhone/iPad or other iDevice be plugged in directly to another computer when being turned on. An untethered jailbreak (unsurprisingly) does not require the existence or presence of another computer, and everything needed to do the jailbreak is in the iPhone at the time the jailbreak is initiated.

In contrast, a semi tethered jailbreak is one where you use a normally tethered jailbreak with the existence of a package installed that allows the device to reboot on its own, usually with limited functionality, and in any case, tethering is required to return the device to its full capabilities.

Yalu iOS 11.3 Jailbreak

Team behind famous Yalu jailbreak tool is reported to be working on 0 day exploit to release iOS 11.3 untethered jailbreak tool. If this news is true, we will soon be getting Yalu iOS 11.3 untethered jailbreak tool.

LiberiOS 11.3 Jailbreak Tool

Just like iOS 11.1.2, LiberiOS is going to be updated to support iOS 11.3 untethered jailbreak tool. We hope that this is going to happen sooner than later. The reason being for this is the 0 day exploit discovered in iOS 11.3 which opened the ways for untethered jailbreak.

Stay tuned with Jailbreak Nerds for more updates about iOS 11.3 untethered jailbreak updates.

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