Install Zeusmos for iOS 11.3 without Cydia Jailbreak on iPhone/iPad


Zeusmos is yet another vShare and Installous alternative that lets you try different iOS apps and games without jailbreaking (without Cydia) your iDevice running on iOS 11.3.

Zeusmos iOS 11

Please note that this post is just for educational purposes only. We hate piracy and are strictly against it. We also don’t recommend that you commit any action that might constitute a violation of any copyright laws of the country you live in or elsewhere. If you like any paid app or game, always buy it from AppStore to pay respect to its developers.

What is Zeusmos?

Zeusmos in an Installous alternative for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. It has garnered a ton of attention in the past for being used to pirate apps from the App Store. You could install any app with one click, regardless of whether the app was free or one you had purchased. After its release (and all the news about it) the Zeusmos developer removed some of the features which made it possible for users to easily pirate apps. The developer claimed that the app had never been to be used for piracy.


Apps like this (and others) have come and will continue to come under fire for copyright issues.

How to Install Zeusmos for iOS 11.3 without Cydia Jailbreak on iPhone/iPad

Zeusmos for iOS 11 without Cydia Jailbreak

In order to install Zeusmos without Cydia jailbreak, follow these below mentioned steps:

  1. Download Cydia with the help of iNoCydia.
  2. Search for “Zeusmos for iOS 11.3”.
  3. Proceed with its installation by following on-screen instructions.

When installation of Zeusmos is completed, you can launch it from its icon on homescreen. In case it is giving error, follow the above steps again to re-install Zeusmos for iOS 11 without jailbreak.

Other Applications by uhelios

The developer who brought you Zeusmos has developed several other applications you might want to try, such as:

  • CarrierEditor (to customize your iOS device’s carrier logo to whatever you want)
  • JSON validator (highlights in red where your problems are)
  • Shift (customize your Mac OS)
  • Instasign (codesigning utility for Mac OS X)

Wrap Up

Have you tried Zeusmos? Did it work as advertised? What do you think of the application? Should people download it and use it? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

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