Install Cydia on iOS 11.4.1 without Jailbreak Using Zestia Installer


Zestia is Cydia alternative which is unique in a way that it does not require a jailbreak. Previously known as X-Cydia, Zestia offers lot of features that will for sure make users curious to give it a try.

Users love the ability to customize and modify their iDevices, but they don’t like having to jailbreak their devices to do it. Jailbreaking comes with some risk of bricking your device or making it very unstable. Jailbreaking can also impair your ability to use apps and services that can detect the fact that your device has been jailbroken (like popular banking apps and social media apps, for example).

Cydia on iOS 11.4.1 without Jailbreak Using Zestia Installer


With support for iOS 11.4.1, the latest iOS version, Zestia is becoming famous. This is because of the reason that no untethered jailbreak is available for iOS 11.4.1 as of now. Because of that, jailbreak lovers who cannot rely without Cydia tweaks on iPhone are moving towards Zestia.

This Cydia alternative is not as good as original Cydia, but it has got lot of Cydia tweaks and apps inside it. After installation, the first thing that users will notice in Zestia installer is its totally revamped interface as compared with classic Cydia one.

Install Zestia Installer for iOS 11.4.1 without Jailbreak on iPhone

Zestia is fast as compared with Cydia and works perfectly on iOS 11.4.1. In this way, iPhone owners who have recently updated to latest iOS 11.4.1 can enjoy Cydia without need for Electra jailbreak, all thanks to Zestia developers.

To install Cydia using Zestia for iOS 11.4.1, you will need to carefully implement the following steps on your device:

  1. First of all open Safari web browser on your iOS 11.4.1 powered iDevice.
  2. Visit and wait for it to complete loading.
  3. Once the page is loaded, tap on “Install (Unjailbroken)” option.
  4. Wait for installation to get finished.

After installation is completed, you will be able to see Zestia for iOS 11.4.1 icon on your iPhone homescreen. Simply launch it and enjoy Cydia on iOS 11.4.1 device without jailbreaking it.

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