How to Set Time Using App Limit for Single App on iPhone/iPad


It’s been quite a long time since iOS 12 was released to public and as per Apple traditions, there was one major feature that was exclusive to iOS 12 only, called App Limits.

App Limits in iOS 12 allow users to set time limit for a particular categories of apps like Social apps etc. so you can control your spending time on such apps. This is great for improving your productivity (and getting your studying done on time), especially if you are spending too much time browsing through your Facebook feed or Instagram timeline. 


Set Time Limits Single App on iPhone and iPad

By default, you can only set time limits for categories of apps, however, good news is that we found a method to help you set time limits for single apps on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 12 using App Limit. Let’s find out how!

How to Set Time Limit for Single App Using App Limit

Steps to Set Time Limit for Single App Using App Limit

Step 1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and go to Screen Time.

Step 2: Tap on your iPhone or iPad name at the top there. There you will see apps in Most Used section. Look for the app you want to set time limit for. You can also switch to show these details for last 7 days.

Step 3: Once you have tapped on the app, you will see new page. Scroll down there and tap on option “Add Limit” Now select your desired duration of time that you want to set this app. Additionally you can also customize different limits for different days.

Once done, go back. As soon as you are done with these steps, these settings will be applied immediately on all your connected iCloud devices running on iOS 12.

In case you are facing any trouble following above steps, let us know in the comments section below so that we can help out further.

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