How to Fix Activity App on iPhone Not Syncing/Updating Data on Apple Watch


Most of users are reporting problems with iPhone Activity app after updating to iOS 12. Are you are effected by that? When this problem occurs, it normally causes sync problem with Apple Watch regarding your progress.

iPhone Activity App

Basically, the activity app on your iPhone and Apple Watch tracks your exercise and show it on your Apple watch like how much calories you have burnt, how much steps you have taken etc. When there is sync. issue between iPhone and Apple Watch, it won’t show updated results.

Fix Activity App on iPhone Not Syncing with Apple Watch

Fortunately, we have found a method to fix this problem of Activity app on iPhone not updating Apple Watch, which is pretty straight forward.


Fix Activity App on iPhone Not Syncing with Apple Watch

For most of the users, this method has worked to solved this annoying problem. All you need to do is to turn on Airplane mode on your Apple Watch using steps below:

  1. On Watch face, swipe up to access control center.
  2. There, look for Airplane button and enable it.

Once airplane mode is turned it, your Apple watch will be disconnected from your iPhone. Now, restart your Apple Watch and then connect it again with your iPhone.

That’s it. Now the activity app will start syncing data with iPhone app and the problem should be gone.

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