How to Close and Switch Apps on iPhone X without Home Button


With release of iPhone X, Apple has eliminated the home button to make its first ever edge to edge display. This OLED display is stunning. However, lot of users are wondering how to use iPhone X without home button. Well, thanks to Apple, gestures are there to make the process of going to home screen, closing apps or switching between apps on iPhone X easy.

Close and Switch Apps on iPhone X

How to Close and Switch Between Apps on iPhone X without Home Button

iPhone previous model just have a home button that was used for going to home screen or switching between apps. Now in its absence on iPhone X, the process is made more easier. In order to access the home screen, simply swipe up from bottom of the screen to go to home screen.


To close an app or switch between app (multi-tasking window), you will need to a swipe up gesture but this time from bottom edge of screen to the middle. This will open the multi-tasking window from where you can close an app the same way you used on previous iPhones.

Is iPhone X still available?

There are still iPhone X handsets out there being used today. (The iPhone “ten” not the iPhone “X”, named as such to recognize that 10 year anniversary of the iPhone).

Users mostly loved it, though it was a big change from previous models. Some argue that it was the best iPhone ever released. However, despite selling well, after only one year on the market, Apple quit selling the iPhone X in favor of different iPhone models that you might be familiar with (iPhone XS, XS Max and XR).

Around this time, Apple also discontinued the iPhone X, XE and 6s, though these older handsets may still be sold in developing countries around the world.

Do you still use an iPhone X? Let us know if you have any questions related to iPhone X.

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