Get iPhone X Notch with TopNotch Cydia Tweak


Apple celebrated the tenth anniversary of iPhone with release of iPhone X. It truly is masterpiece with amazing features. Apart from many other features, having a full-screen display is the dominant one.

What is the iPhone Notch?

To introduce Face ID with the iPhone X, Apple added an annoying top notch at top of screen. The camera array is larger than the previous sensor on the iPhone models, so that cut out area needed to be a lot bigger. That area houses the top speaker, camera, and Face ID technology.

While this notch was appreciated as symbol of design by some users, it also received lot of criticism. A lot of people wanted to get rid of it, so much so that Apple added a wallpaper app called “Notch Remover” which makes the notch appear invisible by placing a black bar where the notch is and starting the wallpaper design underneath it.


But What If I Want The Look?

However, the notch (while annoying) was also a sign that users had upgraded their phones to something more awesome than the older phones. As a result, people want to get it, even though others call it annoying.

Users who own old iOS devices including iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 6S, iPad Air or iPad Mini can now get this iPhone X top notch on their devices, thanks to a new Cydia tweak. Known as TopNotch Cydia tweak, users will be able to get exactly the iPhone X screen look on their older iOS devices.

TopNotch Cydia Tweak

Get iPhone X Top Notch on Older Devices

As it is a Cydia tweak, users will need to have Cydia installed on their iDevices before proceeding with installation. If your device is already jailbroken, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Cydia on your iDevice.
  2. Search for “TopNotch” Cydia tweak and proceed with its installation.

Once tweak is installed, restart your iPhone and you will be ready to go with iPhone X feel.

Getting Other Popular Tweaks

There are tons of tweaks out there for jailbroken phones. Alternative app stores are continually rising and then falling. As of writing this article, we just heard that the developer of GBA2iOS has recently released a new emulator called “Delta” and also a new app store for iOS devices called AltStore, which we think is pretty cool.

In addition, we are seeing a lot more modifications coming out that do not require a jailbreak. Jailbreaking is getting harder to do (and do well), and many users are not interested in doing it because it can cut off access to popular apps which can detect the jailbreak.

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