Is iCLoudin Safe to Bypass iPhone 6S, 5S, 7 Plus, SE and 8 iCloud Activation Error?


Have you bought a used iPhone 6S, X, 8 Plus, 4S, SE, 5S, 7 Plus, iPad Mini or iPad Air from the buyer on eBay or some reseller and now facing iCloud activation lock error? This could be because the previous owner didn’t remove his iCloud account.

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There are a lot of services that claim to remove the iCloud activation lock for fee. One of them is called iCLoudin. Is it safe to use and is it recommended to bypass the iCloud activation lock on your locked iPhone? Read on to find out the answer.


Is iCLoudin iCloud Activation Lock Bypass Tool Safe and Recommended?

We do not recommend our readers to use such kind of services like iCLoudin if their iPhone or any other iOS devices is iCloud locked. Instead, follow the methods that are shared by Apple, in case you encounter activation lock errors.

As also advised by Apple, you should make sure that the device you are buying is erased and no longer linked to previous owner iCloud account. If it is, then you would need the help of the previous owner at later stages. There are two methods to achieve this:

Scenario # 1: If you See Activation Lock

If you see activation lock screen on your newly bought device like the one above, then it means that your iOS device is still linked to previous owner iCloud account. In that case, ask him to enter their Apple ID details and remove it from their account

Scenario # 2: Stuck Passcode Screen

If you see that your newly bought iDevice is stuck on passcode screen and it is not erased, then you will to ask the new owner to first unlock the device and then follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Settings app.
  2. Go to General -> Reset.
  3. There tap on Erase All Content and Settings options.
  4. Enter the Apple ID details to proceed.

To conclude, we recommend not to use services like iCLoudin and try to follow the instructions shared by Apple to resolve the iCloud Activation lock errors.

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