Fix TutuApp Helper for iOS 11/11.2 Crashing, Not Working on iPhone

Some users are facing issues with TutuApp Helper for iOS 11 and iOS 11.2 versions installed on their iPhone/iPad. It randomly crashes and does not work. This tutorial will teach you how to fix this problem.

TutuApp Helper is the Cydia AppStore. It contains all the apps and tweaks which are not available inside iTunes AppStore. Apart from that, some developers use TutuApp Helper to try out their own apps before uploading them to App Store.

Unforunately, the current and latest version of this app has some bugs. It is giving users error like “Tutuapp is crashed” or “Tutuapp not working“. However, these problems are not major and can be easily fixed with some small workarounds.

Fix TutuApp Helper Crashing or Not Working

How to Fix TutuApp Helper for iOS 11/11.2 Crashing on iPhone

If you are facing issues with TutuApp Helper when trying to add an app from its store, do not worry. It is some bug in current version that can be easily fixed/bypassed.

  1. First of all un-install the previous version of TutuApp Helper on your iDevice.
  2. Download the latest version using this guide.
  3. Search for your favorite app like MovieBox inside TutuApp Helper and try installing it.
  4. If the issue is not resolved, soft restart your iPhone by pressing and holding “Home” and “Power” button until you see Apple logo.

Hopefully by following above steps, you will be able to fix TuTuApp helper in iOS 11/11.2. If you are still having any issues, let us know.

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