Fix Messages App Crash in iOS 11 After ChaiOS Bug


Did you get played by your friend with chaiOS link? If yes, then here’s how to fix message app crash in iOS 11 on iPhone X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, SE, 6S and SE. You can also shield your iPhone from future chaiOS attacks.

ChaiOS Bug iOS 11

ChaiOS is a bug or malicious virus that can freeze and respring the iPhone of any user running on iOS 11 or later. It generally targets the Messeges app on iPhone.


Fix Message App Crash after ChaiOS Bug

Below are some of the effects or results that are achieved due to ChaiOS:

  • It slows down the device.
  • Messeges app in iOS 11 on iPhone stops working.
  • Device performance is degraded.
  • Battery drains a lot.

ChaiOS is browser window based. It means that by only opening the link of this bug, the user iPhone can be infected. There is actually no use of ChaiOS bug. Rather it is just a harm. We recommend to stay safe from this bug and also never play it with your friend as it can cause damage to their iOS 11/11.2 powered iPhone or iPad.

How to Fix Messages App Crash in iOS 11 After ChaiOS Bug

There are different methods to fix the Messages app after it is crashed by ChaiOS bug for iOS 11. We will discuss all in details.

Method 1: Delete the Infected Message

  1. Force Touch on message app and select on New Message.
  2. If your device does not has 3D Touch, you can try Siri.
  3. In new message, add any recepient and send him message.
  4. Once done, get in to the messages app and delete the infected or malicious ChaiOS message.

Now that you have fixed your Messages app in iOS 11 on iPhone, its time to protect it from future attacks of ChaiOS malicious link.

Method 2: Block the ChaiOS Malicious Website

To safeguard your iPhone on iOS 11 from future ChaiOS attacks, blacklist ChaiOS bug website so it will not be opened on your iDevice. This way you can easily protect your iPhone from future ChaiOS attack. For that, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings app on your iDevice.
  2. Go to General -> Restrictions. Go to Websites section.
  3. There, enable “Limit Adult Content” Add website there.

By using the first method, you can fix Messages app on your iPhone on iOS 11 after it is infected by ChaiOS bug and with method 2, you can protect your iDevice from future ChaiOS attacks.

Wrap Up

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