Fix Lockdown Error 52 by Sideloading Apps to iOS 12 with Cydia Impactor

After updating iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to iOS 12, many users are facing problem to sideload their favorite apps to iDevice using Cydia Impactor. Many people encounter error that reads “Lockdown error 52”. Worry not, this is small error and can be easily fixed.

Cydia Impactor iOS 12 lockdown error 52

One of the obvious reason behind this annoying error 52 when using Cydia Impactor with iOS 12 is compatibility issue. As you would be aware of the fact that iOS 12 is released, however, most of the tweaks are not yet updated to support latest version.

[iOS 12] Steps to Sideload Apps using Cydia Impactor

iOS 12 is major update after iOS 11, so tweaks like Cydia Impactor require major overhaul in order to be able to sideload apps like Facebook++ to iOS 12 run iPhone.

Until Saurik updates Cydia Impactor to support iOS 12, we can only wait and watch. In the meanwhile, you can keep trying your luck with uploading apps using Cydia Impactor to iOS 12 and getting rid of lockdown error 52.

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  1. Without jail breaking my iPhone X, is there an outside app that can lock these following apps with a password so that when my kids get a hold of my phone (and I forgot to lock my phone) they cannot see the content in this apps that I downloaded; Tumblr, Instagram, Twiiter, Facebook, Pinterest, Gmail and Yahoo mail. Thank you for any help. Mike

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