iOS 13 Draining Battery Fast? Here’s How to Fix it


After updating your iPhone XR/XS Max/X, 8 Plus, 7, 6S, iPad Air, Pro or Mini causing too much battery drainage? If so, here are some of the methods to help you fix the iOS 13 battery issues with ease.

Fix iOS 13 Battery Drain Problem

The battery life on Apple devices basically varies as per each device as well as usage. For example, if you use your phone to do basic task or listen to your favorite tracks locally rather than streaming through 3G or LTE, then your battery will last longer and vice versa.

To get good idea of your iPhone or iPad battery life on iOS 13, it is important to ensure that the battery percentage is enabled, which shows the percentage of battery life remaining. On older iDevices, you can enable that in Settings -> General -> Usage.


On iPhone X and later models, it is enabled by default and is shown when you open the Control Center. Having battery life left shown as percentage gives better idea of the usage.

Methods to Fix iOS 13 Battery Draining Issue to Improve Battery Life on iPhone/iPad

Lets now go through some of the proven tips/methods to fix the battery drainage issue of iPhone and iPad after updating to iOS 13.

Method # 01: Limit Location Services Usages

Some apps want access to usage of location services like Google maps and WhatsApp. This has great impact on the battery life. To improve battery life, it is recommended to disable the location services for all the un-important apps and then enable them app wise. For that, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Settings app. Go to Privacy -> Location Services.
  2. Disable for all apps, and then enable for each app individually.
  3. Make sure that you allow usage of location services to apps only while using the app.

This way, iOS 13 GPS function will be only enabled when such apps are in use and not on stand-by.

Method # 02: Turn Off Background App Refresh

Apple introduced this new feature of background app refresh that allow apps like Mail and Facebook to refresh even when iPhone or iPad is locked, to fetch the new data. While this is cool feature, it does impact battery life of iOS 13 powered iDevices as well. It is recommended to disable background app refresh feature on iOS 13 through below steps:

  1. Launch Settings app. Go to General -> Background App Refresh.
  2. Turn off “Background App Refresh” feature from there.

Method # 03: Use Stills Wallpapers

Using dynamic wallpapers looks very awesome on screen, but they do impact the battery life. If you are concerned about iOS 13 battery life, it is suggested to use the still wallpapers instead of dynamic ones.

Method # 04: Turn Off Raise to Wake Feature

The new Raise to Wake Feature was introduced in iOS 10 which basically wakes up your iPhone or iPad device when you raise it from table. This again seems very convenient as you do not have to press the wake or power button to check notifactions on your iPhone running on iOS 13.

On other hand, this feature does play heavily on battery and for prolonged battery life, it is recommended to turn this off as well. For that, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Settings app.
  2. Go to Display & Brightness -> Raise to Wake and turn it off.

Method # 05: Use Low Power Mode

Though this feature is recommended to be used when your battery is running low, but there are no limits. You can use it whenever you want. Basically when you enable the Low Power Mode in iOS 13, it turns off luxury features and animations, thus boosting the iOS 13 battery performance.

These were some of the proven methods and tips to help you prolong your iPhone and iPad battery life on iOS 13 to avoid battery drainage.

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  1. Already DID pretty much all that s_it. My less than 2 year old iPhone SE goes through an entire full charge in about 12 to 16 hours, even with only light use, screen turned most of the way down, etc.

    Really glad they made sure the battery is nearly impossible to replace. (Contrast with the days when replacing your battery meant pushing a tab down on the back and popping the thing out, and swapping it with another that you were carrying around.)

    I am SO never buying another f_cking thing from Apple.

    OH! The new iPhone 12 is coming out!

    NO! BAD! Don’t FALL for it…

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