Fix “error loading the preference bundle” on iOS 12 Jailbreak

Are you one of those users who are getting annoying preference bundle error during jailbreaking iOS 12 or iOS 12.1.2 with rootlessJB? If yes, then here’s a complete tutorial to help you fix this issue on iPhone or iPad.


Preference Bundle iOS 12

Why this Preference bundle error occurs?

Before we proceed with method to fix this problem, let us understand what this preference loader error is and why it occurs.

Normally, this error arises when there are not enough permission granted to jailbreak solution. This means that there are pending dependencies for that particular Cydia tweak which is showing this error.

Method to Fix error loading the preference bundle loading Error on iOS 12

Now, that you know what is cause of this preference bundle loading error on iOS 12, let us proceed with fixing this problem.


How to Fix "error loading the preference bundle" on iOS 12

Step 1: Download iTerminal app from AppStore.

Step 2: Once installation is completed, launch it from your homescreen.

Step 3: Initiate SSH session.

Step 4: Enter the following data:

IP Address: Your Wifi IP address

Username: root

Password: alpine

Nickname: Any name

Step 5: Once you enter the details, hit enter to start SSH session.

Step 6: Inside terminal, enter following command

chmod 777 /bootstrap/Library/PreferenceBundles/.bundle/

Step 7: When it is done, reboot your iOS 12-12.1.2 powered iPhone or iPad and then re-jailbreak it using rootlessJB.

If you are still facing preference bundle error on iOS 12 after following above method to fix it, let us know.


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