Fix “error loading the preference bundle” in Electra Toolkit on iOS 11


Some users are facing error during usage of preference bundle on iOS 11, 11.1.2 and 11.2 that reads error loading the preference bundle. This guide will teach you in detail on how to fix this issue using Electra Toolkit.

error loading the preference bundle


The root for this error is usually insufficient permissions granted to Cydia in order to do its actions, or missing dependencies. Since Cydia should be able to play with iOS in terms of customizations, proper permissions should be granted. At moment, users face this error with tweaks like Eclipse 4 etc. that stops it from working.


Luckily, this error is common, lots of users have confronted it, and as a result, it is generally fixable quickly.

Fix Fix error loading the preference bundle

How to Fix “error loading the preference bundle” with Electra Toolkit

As discussed earlier, the main cause for this error is inadequate permissions. So it means that this error can be easily solved by granting proper permissions to Cydia to do its operations.

To do that, follow the steps below:

    1. Download iTerminal App from AppStore.
    2. Launch the app to innitiate SSH session on your iDevice.
    3. Enter your WiFi IP address, username as “root” and password as “alpine”.
    4. Once done, tap on Connect button to innitiate SSH session.
    5. When the session is stated, enter the following command inside terminal

chmod 777/bootstrap/Library/PreferenceBundles/<tweak name>.bundle/<tweak name>

After executing the command, reboot your iPhone or iPad. When it is rebooted, re-jailbreak it using LiberiOS or Houdini11.

Start your favorite Cydia tweak again. You will observe that error loading the preference bundle is gone now.

Wrap Up

Were you able to resolve this error using the steps provided in this tutorial article? Let us know if you are still having problems in the comments section below.


Update: Chimera iOS 12 jailbreak has been released. If you are getting “Failing to fetch archives” error, follow this tutorial.

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