Fix Cydia Impactor.exe Has Stopped Working Error in Windows


After recent update to Cydia Impactor, users on Windows are getting error which states “Impactor.exe has stopped working”. By following steps in this tutorial, users will be able to get rid of this error.

Cydia Impactor

Jailbreaking a device require lot of patience and stamina. Unfortunately, Apple do not allow users to play with iOS and that is why iDevice owners look forward to Cydia. Due to recent strictness, jailbreaking latest iOS 11 has became very difficult. However, thanks to Cydia Impactor, which is still present and kicking.


How to Fix “Impactor.exe Has Stopped Working” in Windows

Developed by Saurik, Cydia Impactor allow users to sideload ipa files to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. After recent update, when users try to sideload or install the apps from their Windows PC to iPhone, they get error “Impactor.exe has stopped working”.

Cydia Impactor.exe Has Stopped Working Error

This is a temporary error and can be easily fixed by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings app on your Windows PC.
  2. Head over to Accounts and under Other people tab, look for Add someone else option.
  3. On next screen, select user without Microsoft account option.
  4. Enter the credentials of users and proceed.
  5. Now log out of your account and sign-in to new account.
  6. Launch Cydia Impactor and try sideloading the app to your iPhone running on iOS 11.

This will fix the impactor.exe has stopped working error when sideloading app to iPhone with Cydia Impactor.

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