Fix “Analyzing Library” Problem in iOS 13 Photos App on iPhone/iPad


Are you also one of those users who are getting “Analyzing Library” message when Photos app is launched and it is not going away? Worry not as this issue can be easily fixed using few workarounds.

iOS 13 Photos App

If you have just updated your iPhone XS Max, XR, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6S, iPad Air, iPhone 8 or iPad Mini to iOS 13, you would have noticed the photos app is totally revamped and it is very cool.

The new Photos app of iOS 13 include many new features like super fast speed and is a complete overhaul in many years. The new interface now let users edit photos and videos with multiple filters at ease, while thumbnail view is improved.


Coming to the “Photos Analyzing” issue, you might be un-aware of the fact that the photos app in iOS 13 comes with search engine. For it to show better results, iOS 13 photos app has to first analyze all your photos, just like Google Photos app.

Because there are no remote servers involved in this whole process, this might take some time on your iDevice running on iOS 13 for the photos analyzation to be completed. It greatly depends on the number of photos you have on your iDevice.

“Analyzing Library” Taking Too Much Time in iOS 13 Photos App

If “Analyzing Library” in iOS 13 Photos app is taking too much time, you need to implement the below mentioned work arounds to fix it.

Fix Analyzing Library Taking Much Time Problem in iOS 13 Photos App

Method # 01: Delete the Duplicate Photos

It happens to most of us that we have lot of duplicate photos on your iPhones and iPads. As a rule of thumb, the more the photos, the more time Photos app will take to analyze them all. To reduce the time, it is recommended to remove all the duplicate photos and let the analyzing process get completed quickly.

Method # 02: Do not Use iPhone when on Charging

Normally, when your iPhone/iPad is being charged, it make available more processing power for use by apps. If you are also using your iPhone or iPad during charging, it will not be possible for Photos app to utilize the full potential of CPU or RAM.

So I would suggest to ensure that your iDevice is not used while being charged.

Method # 03: Restart your iPhone or iPad

Sometimes a small error like this can be fixed by simply restarting your iDevice. To restart your iPhone/iPad, place and hold the power and Home button for few seconds until you see an Apple logo. Once your iPhone or iPad is rebooted, open the Photos app. You will hopefully see that problem is fixed.

After implementation of above methods, you will hopefully see that the analyzing library is gone in iOS 13 photos app.

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