How to Fix FaceID Not Working on iPhone X, XS or XS Max in iOS 12


Some users are reporting issues with FaceID on their iPhone X, XS and XS Max after updating it to iOS 12? Are you also facing FaceID is disabled error or issues on your iPhone? Don’t worry, it is mostly because of software issues and there are four methods to deal with this problem.

FaceID is becoming more and more popular as it is being included in a lot of flagships these days. Apple was first to add it to their iPhone X last year. This says a lot about its success.

Fix FaceID Not Working iOS 12


4 Methods to Fix FaceID Not Working on iPhone X, XS and XS Max in iOS 12

Back to our main topic, during the subject error, facial recognition stops working on iPhone and it creates a serious tension for iPhone users. So what to do in that case? Here we are with four methods to solve the problems of FaceID not working in iOS 12 on iPhone X series.

Method # 1: Restart iPhone

A simple and best solution to every problem is restarting your device, as it might manage to solve many issues. Therefore, try to restart your iPhone and then check if it fixes the problem or not. If you are still facing a problem, then proceed to next step in order to perform a hard reset on your iPhone.

Method # 2: Turn Off FaceID

  1. Go to settings on your iPhone.
  2. In settings, go to “FaceID & Passcodes”.
  3. In FaceID & passcodes, you will see the red labelled option “Reset FaceID”.
  4. Simply tap on it. When it is reset, simply set it up again.

Method # 3: Reset Settings on iPhone

  1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. In settings, tap on “General” tab.
  3. In General, tab, tap on “reset” option.
  4. In the reset tab, you will see the option “Reset all settings” option. Tap on it.

Method # 4: Perform Hard Reset

  1. Press and quickly release the “Volume Up” button.
  2. Now press and quickly release the “Volume Down” button.
  3. After that, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

These were few of the methods to solve if FaceID is not working on your iPhone XS Max, XS or iPhone X. If none of the above methods works out in your case, then it is highly recommended to take your iPhone to Apple Store and get it checked by their experts for hardware problems.

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  1. Ever since I downloaded Sileo on my iPhone XS Max, I cant seem to use Face ID anymore. Could it have been a software glitch or could something in my phone be unplugged which is causing my Face ID to not activate? I have an appointment with Apple tomorrow morning but really don’t want to take the chance of them having to update my software. Any help would be awesome. Thank you

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