Download HiPStore for iPhone without Jailbreak in iOS 11 or 11.2


HiPStore app does not require any introduction. It is sort of Cydia App Store that allows you to install the apps you want to customize the look and feel on your iOS 11 devices. But do not worry as you can also download HiPStore without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.

Apple has very strict controls when it comes to iOS. It is because they do not want users to play with it. Because of this reason, Cydia was founded by Saurik. Cydia allowed users to install apps of their likings on iOS devices. However, with passage of time, Apple made jailbreaking very difficult to achieve.

HiPStore without Jailbreak iOS 11


Apps like HiPStore can now be installed without jailbreak on iPhone running on iOS 11, iOS 11.0.3 or iOS 11.2. This is due to the new method that was just discovered. Previously we wrote detailed tutorials on how to install GBA4iOS and Tongbu (English) without jailbreak.

People compare HiPStore to Cydia. They are different. Cydia is a package manager that allows you to install tweaks and new libraries on a device that you have jailbroken. In contrast, HiPStore is more of an App Store replacement/alternative with cracked apps.

Install HiPStore for iOS 11/11.0.3/11.2 without Jailbreak

  1. First of all make sure your device is not jailbroken.
  2. If it is jailbroken, re-install the latest iOS 11 using iTunes on your device.
  3. Restart the iDevice.
  4. Create a backup of your data using iTunes before proceeding further with tutorial.
  5. When all the above things are done, launch Safari on your device.
  6. Search for “HiPStore for iOS 11/11.2” and install it.

Now you can run the HipStore app for iOS 11 that you just installed without jailbreaking your iPhone.

UPDATE: We have received reports that HiPStore has been closed down. While there may be many sites still offering the download, you suggest that you proceed with care. Assuming you install a version that doesn’t have any bad code in it, you shouldn’t harm your device. But you may find that all that work was wasted because you won’t be able to access the products you were hoping to get. 

Just proceed with caution.

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