Download FlekStore iOS 11.2 without Cydia Jailbreak


The possibility of jailbreak is getting more and more difficult with each new version of iOS. With recent release of iOS 11.2, Apple made the installation of Cydia harder than ever. In this scenario, apps like FlekStore can fulfill the demands of iDevice owners.

FlekStore is a Cydia alternative which is packed with thousands of Winterboard themes, games modes, apps, and much more. Apart from that, with FlekStore, you will be able to try out different AppStore paid apps for free before buying them.

FlekStore iOS 11.1


This post is just for educational purposes only. If you like an app, buy it from AppStore to respect the developer’s work.

How to Install FlekStore for iOS 11.2 on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Developers behind FlekStore have updated it to make it compatible with latest iOS 11.2 on iPhone 8 Plus, 6S, SE, X, iPad Air/Mini and iPod Touch. However, since you need jailbreak for that, which is not available for iOS 11.2 at moment, we will go with alternative route.

We understand if you are looking for modifications and customizations without jailbreak. Not only is jailbreaking getting harder to do, but other apps and services are now blocking access by devices which a jailbreak is detected on. Further, there is always the risk that a jailbreak causing harm or instability to a device.

FlekStore iOS 11.1 without Cydia Jailbreak

FlekStore for iOS 11.2 can be installed on compatible iDevice without Cydia by following below steps:

  1. First of all launch your web browser on your iDevice.
  2. Visit “FlekStore iOS 11.2” official web and wait for it to load.
  3. When loading is completed, follow the on-screen instructions to install FlekStore.

As soon as installation of FlekStore iOS 11.2 is completed, an icon with its app will be added to your iDevice homescreen.

Launch FlekStore iOS 11.2 from there and start browsing its inventory for Cydia tweaks, paid apps, games, modes and winterboard themes.

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