Cydia or Sileo Tweaks Not Showing after Unc0ver iOS 12.4 Jailbreak? Here’s the Fix


Did you just jailbreak your iPhone XS Max, XR or 11 using just released unc0ver or unc0ver iOS 12.4 jailbreak tool and now Cydia or Sileo are not showing in settings app? Worry not as this problem is being faced by a majority of users and the good news is that it can be fixed very easily.

Just today, out of blue, unc0ver iOS 12.4 untethered jailbreak was released.


However, some users who were so anxiously waiting for this jailbreak were disappointed when they experienced the issue of Cydia/Sileo tweaks not showing up in Settings app.

Methods to Fix Cydia and Sileo Tweaks Not Showing in Settings after Unc0ver iOS 12.4 Jailbreak

Fix Cydia and Sileo Tweaks Not Showing in Settings after Unc0ver iOS 12.4 Jailbreak

Thankfully, we found a couple of workarounds that will let you fix this annoying problem with ease. So without any further ado, lets check out the solutions:

Method # 01: Re-spring your iPhone

To re-spring your iPhone jailbroken on iOS 12.4 using unc0ver, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Anemone app.
  2. Tap on Re-Spring.

Method # 02: Re-Download and Re-Jailbreak with Unc0ver

If re-springing the iPhone does not resolve the issue, you need to re-download the latest version of Unc0ver iOS 12.4 jailbreak tool and do the steps mentioned below:

  1. Restart your iPhone.
  2. Re-Jailbreak it again using Unc0ver latest tool.

After implementation of these solutions, Cydia or Sileo tweaks will start appearing in iOS 12.4 settings app.

Do not forget to check our list of iOS 12.4 unc0ver compatible Cydia and Sileo tweaks and sources.

What is unc0ver?

This is a jailbreak from hacker Pwn20wnd, which gives you the power to do whatever you would like with your iOS device. It supports iOS 11.0 through to 12.4 (but not 12.3-12.3.2). The beta was made available for the public to use after the hacker teased its release on Twitter.

We recommend that you get your version of unc0ver directly from the developer and not from random websites unless you trust them completely to avoid infecting your iOS device with malware. 

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