[iOS 12] How to Instantly Close Opened Tabs in Safari on iPhone


If you are avid internet user and own an iPhone, then I am sure you would have faced a scenario with lot of tabs opened in your Safari browser. The reason for that is whenever you close Safari, it does not close the opened tabs automatically.

For some users, the main complaint with Safari tabs is that they want them to stay open. In this case, the concern is the opposite, how to get them all closed. There may be very good reasons to get those tabs closer, to shield the websites you visited, for example, from someone else who uses your device. 


Instantly Close Opened Tabs in Safari on iPhone

Worry not, as here we will guide you how to instantly close all the opened tabs on Safari on your iPhone running on iOS 12.

How to Close All Opened Tabs Instantly on Safari Browser on iPhone in iOS 12

Believe me, it is way simple to get rid of all these opened tabs in a matter of a second. I am sure that many iDevice owners would not be aware of this technique. So without any further ado, lets proceed with steps required to do so:

  1. Open the Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Look for the tab button at the top right corner of Safari and tap/hold it for few moments.
  3. A new menu will appear, having various option including an option to “Close All tabs”.
  4. Tap on “Close All tabs” option.
  5. As soon as you tap on it, all the opened tabs in Safari will be closed immediately.

If for some reason you are unable to close all tabs with this method, you could try clearing the entirety of Safari’s cache of website data as well, as a way to force those tabs to close. 


That’s it! How simple was that? Let us know if you have any questions or queries related particularly to Safari web browser.

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