Get iPhone X Notch with TopNotch Cydia Tweak

TopNotch Cydia Tweak

Apple celebrated the tenth anniversary of iPhone with release of iPhone X. It truly is masterpiece with amazing features. Apart from many other features, having a full-screen display is the dominant one.

AppSync Unified Updated for iOS 11/11.2

AppSync Unified for iOS 11

AppSync Unified is a very old and powerful tool that lets iOS users to install any unsigned iPA package on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This utility has received updates and is now compatible with iOS 11, 11.0.3 and 11.2.

Add Animated 3D Icons to iPhone with Vision Cydia Tweak

Animated 3D with Vision Cydia Tweak

One issue which iOS users always complain about is the boring icons. Ever since iPhone was released, the interface of icons on home screen is changed just once which also took Apple 7 years. Yes, iOS 7 was the first major overhaul of iOS operating system.