Bypass iPhone 150MB Cellular Data Download Limit without Jailbreak


Looking to bypass the iPhone 150MB Cellular Data Download Limit without Jailbreak? This is a common request, and it isn’t too difficult to overcome. In this quick tutorial article, we’ll show you how this can be done.

Apple is very strict these days. By default, it allow iPhone users to only download 150MB using the cellular data. However, if you have unlimited cellular data and want to bypass this limit, the solution is pretty simple and easy to follow. This will allow you download unlimited data on iPhone on cellular network.


Bypass 150MB Cellular Data Limit on iPhone without Jailbreak

Most of the time you want to download your favorite video or some movie file using the iPhone. When you are on the way or journey, you only have access to cellular data. So in this situation, Apple does not allow you to download more than 150MB size of file.

This can be very annoying sometimes. We have found a small workaround that lets you bypass this Apple’s 150MB data restriction to download unlimited data on iPhone cellular network.

How to Bypass Apple’s 150MB Cellular Data Limit on iPhone

  1. Launch AppStore. Go to the desired app or game you want to download on cellular data.
  2. When AppStore prompt you to continue download, tap on OK so app can start the downloading.
  3. As you will be able to see, the app will be in “Waiting” mode on your homescreen.
  4. Go to General -> Data and Time in Settings app.
  5. Disable the “Set Automatically” option and manually select data to some forward data like if it is 20th April today, set the date to 30th April.
  6. Now close the settings app. You will see that the app has now started downloading.

Once it is completed, you can revert your time and date settings back to “Set Automatically”

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