Best Free Winterboard and Sn0wBoard Themes for iOS 12 – 12.3 after Chimera Jailbreak


WinterBoard and Sn0wBoard themes are the best Cydia tweaks available for this purpose to help iDevice owners install different themes on iPhone XR, XS Max, 8 Plus, SE, iPad Air or Mini, after jailbreaking with Chimera.

The primary thing that makes users jailbreak their iOS devices is ability to customize it according to their will. Most iOS devices come with stock apps that cannot be deleted, even if the user doesn’t like or use them at all.


Further, users have very little ability to customize the appearance of the device, which doesn’t make much sense. Why do developers care if you change the font or the theme? (I’ll never understand that)

We have compiled a list of best free available Winterboard and Sn0wBoard themes for iOS 12 that will help you change the overall appearance on iOS 12. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at them.

Best WinterBoard/Sn0wBoard Themes for iOS 12 – 12.1.2 – 12.3 Chimera Jailbreak

Sn0wBoard is a Cydia tweak that packs themes inside it. Before you can customize and change themes on your iPhone, you need to have Sn0wBoard installed. However, even before Sn0wBoard, jailbreaking with Chimera is compulsory.


Vivido SnowBoard Theme for iOS 12

Vivido1 is very clean and flat themes with almost new icons for each app. It is available in Packi x repo at the price of $1.99.


If you are inspired from default iOS theme then try out Felicity Sn0wBoard/Winterboard theme for iOS 12. It is available for free in BigBoss repository.


Folds SnowBoard Theme for iOS 12

Folds is totally new theme for iOS 12/12.3 iDevices. It has vibrant colors and cool icons that will totally change the appearance on your iPhone. Folds is available for $2.99 in Packi x repo.

With iOS 13 released in September of 2019, Dark Mode may be the solution for some users who want a different look without jailbreak as well, so check it out. 

What’s your preferred look for your device? Tell us about it in the comments section below. 

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