Best Anemone Themes and How to Install them on iOS 12/12.3 Using Sileo


Anemone Themes, is of the best Cydia theme tweak for iOS devices, which is now updated to Anemone 3 to support iOS 12, iOS 12.1.2, iOS 12.2 and iOS 12.3 using Sileo. Here’re some of the best available Anemone 3 themes.

Earlier, we covered about Sn0wBoard themes for iOS 12 which are equally good, but some users reports that Sn0wBoard/WinterBoard theme consume more battery as compared with Anemone 3 themes.


Best Anemone 3 Themes for iOS 12 – 12.2 – 12.3

Anemone 3 is full of amazing themes that can spice up your iOS experience. However, we have compiled a list of best available Anemone 3 themes for your iPhone and iPad, that will really convert the boring iOS default interface to something extraordinary, all thanks to theme developers.

Best Anemone Themes and How to Install them on iOS 12 using Sileo


Lotus for iOS 12 Anemone

Lotus is flat icon based colorful Anemone 3 theme for iOS 12 powered iDevices. It uses combination of different colors.

ACE Sierra

ACE Sierra for Anemone 3 Theme iOS 12

ACE Sierra, as its name suggests, is inspired from macOS Sierra. It comes with lot of icons and has flat interface.


Biscuit Anemone 3 Theme

Biscuit is one of our favorite Anemone 3 theme for iOS 12 devices. It adds totally new logos and status bar to iOS 12, along with addition of high res wallpapers and icons.


Amury Aneme 3 Theme

AMURY is Anemone 3 theme for those who love colorful icons with little customization. It add new sound effects as well as animation effects to iOS 12.


Milkshare Anemone 3 Theme

MilkShake, as its name suggests, is a white sort of Anemone 3 theme for iOS 12/12.2/12.3 iDevices with totally new status as well as control center. The user interface of this theme offer buttery animations and amazing logo effects.

How to Install Anemone 3 for iOS 12 Using Sileo

  1. Add Anemone repo to Sileo. You may add repo to Sileo using this tutorial.
  2. Once done with adding repo, search for “Anemone 3” and install it.

Do you have a favorite? Let us know which one is your favorite Anemone 3 Theme for iOS 12 in the comments section below. 

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