Download xCon: Jailbreak Detection Bypass Cydia Tweak for iOS 12/12.1.2

There are lot of games and apps like SnapChat that checks your iDevice for jailbreak. If the jailbreak is detected, the app will not function for you. This is especially obnoxious when it is your banking app or an app you need for work that locks you out. Thanks to the xCon Cydia tweak, which will help you bypass the jailbreak detection.

Download Cercube 4 for YouTube Cydia Tweak without Jailbreak in iOS 12/12.3

Youtube is a vital tool for everyone these days. We use it to learn, to operate our businesses, and to solve problems. Cercube 4 for YouTube is an app that will helps you improve your overall YouTube browsing experience. While it is a Cydia/Sileo Tweak, luckily, you can try out Cercube 4 for iOS 12 without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.