What Does Jailbreaking a Phone Mean?

Are you curious or maybe confused about what it means to jailbreak a phone? I was too, before I started digging and finding out more about it. Turns out, it is not quite as complicated (or as technical) as I thought, or as it sounds. Jailbreaking is taking control of an Apple device Jailbreak is

Morpheus for iOS 12 and 13: Install without Jailbreak

Morpheus is an iOS app that allow users to watch their favorite TV chanels and shows while on the go. Learn how you can install Morpheus for iOS 12, iOS 12.3 and iOS 13 without the trouble of having to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

How to Install iOS 13 Beta/iPadOS 13 Beta Using Windows

iOS 13 Beta and iPadOS 13 Beta were released yesterday by Apple during WWDC 2019. In a surprise move, to install iOS 13 beta or iPadOS 13 Beta, you would need to have Mac with macOS Catalina beta and Xcode 11 installed, which are also released yesterday.