AppTapp Installer 5 Jailbreak Package Manager Finally Unveiled


Finally, after very long wait, AppTapp team has unveiled the Installer 5 to public. It is Jailbreak package installer for iOS devices. Installer 5 will act as one of the most efficient Cydia alternatives.

What is Installer 5?

Installer 5 Cydia Alternative

Installed 5 us a package manager for jailbroken devices that are running iOS 10-12. It has many features, which include:


  • adding multiple repos from the clipboard
  • Dark mode that is similar to Apple’s design
  • Built in option to force authentication by TouchID, FaceID or passcode when performing specific operations
  • automatic detection for when respring is needed
  • automatic detection of when uicache is needed
  • backing up of repos and installed packages (with one tap)
  • changelog for packages
  • creation of a snapshot at launch so you can revert to it if something happens that you didn’t want or anticipate
  • customizable interface
  • diable icon fetching
  • following a developer
  • leave comments on packages
  • non intrusive operations
  • disable large navigation bars
  • play sounds for tasks
  • quick uninstall
  • sharing a package
  • and much more….

Installer 5 Cydia Alternative Unveiled

As noted, Installer 5 will come with lots of Cydia tweaks and might also allow their installation without jailbreak. It has much cleaner interface than Cydia and allow custom repository management.

Furthermore, the credit based system and support for PayPal add icing to the cake.

The development of Installer 5 started very long time ago. Since then, jailbreak community was curious to get installer 5 live in order to try this out on iOS 11 iDevices including iPhone X, 8 Plus, iPad Air/Mini.

It is worth mentioning that Installer 5 is still in beta phases. So expect some bugs at moment which will be improved with passage of time.

UPDATE: There have been a few updates to address bugs in Installer 5. If you want to keep up with the latest updates and information about Installer 5, we have been following THIS reddit post that you’ll find helpful.

Wrap Up

Did you give Installer 5 a try on iOS 11? Would you recommend it to other users? Let us know your remarks about Installer 5.

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