AppSync Unified Updated for iOS 11/11.2


AppSync Unified is a very old and powerful tool that lets iOS users to install any unsigned iPA package on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This utility has received updates and is now compatible with iOS 11, 11.0.3 and 11.2.

AppSync Unfied

What is an unsigned iPA package?

Unsigned iPA package means the .ipa file of the app, which is not available in App Store.


Apps like HipStore, iOSEmus and Happychick Emulator can be easily installed using AppSync Unified. Moreover, AppSync Unified is widely used by developers for testing their apps before uploading it to App Store. This way, they can check the features and interface of their apps. Small developers without registration in Apple Developer Program can debug their apps on iOS devices using AppSync.

AppSync Unified for iOS 11 and iOS 11.2

Some apps require AppSync to be installed before you can install them. To summarize, it is a very good utility for developers as well as users who want to try paid apps before making decision to buy them from AppStore.

AppSync Unified for iOS 11

iOS 11.2.1 is latest iOS which is publicly available while iOS 11.2 will be released sooner that expected. Keeping in view that, AppSync Unified has been updated to support latest iOS 11 and iOS 11.2.1 on iPhone 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 6S, SE, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

We will cover detailed tutorial on how to install AppSync Unified on iPhone/iPad running on iOS 11 or iOS 11.2.1 very soon. Stay tuned with us.

Under Fire

App Sync Unified has been hot in forums lately, as there has been a lot of chatter about how this app has been used for piracy purposes. The developer of this app has come to its defense, reiterating that the purpose of AppSync Unified was for developers and others who love devices and love apps to further enjoy, not to steal. There has been some talk of discontinuing AppSync Unified.

We’ll just have to see where this goes.

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