Install Anemone Fonts in iOS 11 with Electra (No Jailbreak Required)


Even thought of changing font on your iPhone, iPod or iPad without jailbreaking it? Well, it is now very much possible on iOS 11, 11.2 and 11.3, all thanks to Anemone fonts as well as Electra toolkit.

Anemone Fonts iOS 11

iOS by default does not allow any amendments in its system. This even include changing the ringtone of themes. For this purposes, tool like Winterboard and Anemone were developers. Originally Anemone require jailbreak. However, recent developments in jailbreak sector and the release of Cydia Impactor has made things pretty achievable.


Recently, we covered a detailed tutorial on how to install Anemone themes in iOS 11 without jailbreak using Electra toolkit. Themes are just for changing the wallpaper or screensaver. However, font is something else. It is the style in which you want the text on your iOS 11 powered iPhone, iPod or iPad to appear to you.

Anemone for iOS 11 has just been updated to change the fonts in iOS 11 without need of jailbreak. Yes, you have got it right. Anemone Fonts is the new thing that is must for you if you are bored on default iOS font.

How to Install Anemone Fonts in iOS 11 without Jailbreak

Anemone Fonts without Jailbreak

In order to change font on your iOS 11 iPhone/iPad/iPod, you need to first install Anemone fonts. For that, installation is Cydia is compulsory. So first, install Cydia using iNoCydia and then proceed with steps below:

  1. Launch Cydia on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
  2. Search for Anemone Fonts for iOS 11.
  3. Proceed with its installation using the simple instructions shown to you.
  4. When installation is completed, close the Cydia.
  5. Look for Anemone fonts for iOS 11 on your homescreen.

Wrap Up

Now you can change your iOS 11 iPhone/iPad font to other font your like from inside Anemone themes. Feel free to ask us any questions related to Anemone fonts for iOS 11 installation.

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