Add HackYouriPhone Repo to iOS 11/12 Cydia (Source Address)


Jailbreaking iPhone/iPad on iOS 11 or iOS 12 is just one task. To get most out of jailbroken iDevice, it is necessary to add a good Cydia repo to installed Cydia app. This is the only way to be able to install beautiful Cydia tweaks and games on your iDevice.

Add HackYouriPhone Repo iOS 11

HackYouriPhone is one of the most popular Cydia repository that is packed with lot of customization Cydia tweaks and games. So if your main aim of jailbreaking iPhone on iOS 11, 11.2, iOS 12 or iOS 12.3 is to get rid of the boring iOS look, then HackYouriPhone repo is perfect. It is because HackYouriPhone repo is filled with superb Cydia tweaks.


Those tweaks include:

  • backing up files automatically with Google Drive
  • SmoothLockX which cleans up the Lockscreen, and allows you to choose what shows and what doesn’t
  • BioProtect XS which adds protection to your apps and prevents anyone from opening them without using FaceID or fingerprint, or enter a passcode
  • Appaze which allows you to set the brightness of your phone specific to the app being used
  • iCleaner which removes unnecessary fiels from the device (cookies, browsing history, cache, App store caches, temp files, and more.

How to Add HackYouriPhone Repo to Cydia in iOS 11/iOS 12

The steps mentioned below will help you add HackYouriPhone repo to iPhone running on iOS 11, iOS 12 or iOS 12.3. If you do not have Cydia installed on your iOS device, install it using iNoCydia.

  1. Launch Cydia on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Manage Tab.
  3. Tap on Edit button at top right of screen.
  4. Now tap on Add Source button.
  5. Enter “” and then tap on Add Source button. That’s it.

You can take Cydia repo as a category of AppStore. If you cannot find your favorite tweak, theme, ringtone inside Cydia, then its time to add new Cydia repo. However, with HackYouriPhone repo, you will find lot of Cydia tweaks.

If you have any question, let us answer it for you.

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