Download Icy Installer 3 without Jailbreak: Cydia Alternative for iOS 11, 11.2 & 11.3


Icy Installer has been out of scene for quite long time. But its good to see it back. It is a perfect Cydia alternative for iOS 11, iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.3 and amazingly does not require jailbreak for installation of Cydia tweaks.

Icy Installer 3 for iOS 11 without Jailbreak

Icy Installer was first released back in 2010 by ArtikusHD jailbreak hacker. He was once very active member of jailbreak community. For some reasons, he left it alone and now made the entry with up-gradation of Icy Installer for iOS 11 support.


Cydia is ultimate jailbreak AppStore that lets users download and install different Cydia tweaks in order to customize the iOS device. It is managed by Saurik. However, there was really a need of good Cydia alternative.

Icy Installer 3 is better than Cydia in some ways. For example, Icy Installer allow users to download Cydia tweak packages at very fast speed. Apart from that, Icy Installer 3 is very light weight and does not effect the performance of iOS device it is installed on.

How to Download Icy Installer 3 for iOS 11 without Jailbreak

Icy Installer 3 for iOS 11 is compatible with:

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone X

Cydia require jailbreak for its smooth operation. Icy Installer 3 for iOS 11 on the other hand can be installed without jailbreaking the iDevice. This is some unique feature of Icy Installer that make it on upper hand over its competitor.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Icy Installer 3 for iOS 11/11.2/11.3 without jailbreak on your iPhone/iPad.

  1. Install Cydia on your iDevice using iNoCydia.
  2. Launch Cydia on your device. Tap on Sources -> Edit.
  3. Add and refresh it.
  4. Search for “Icy Installer” for iOS 11 and install it.

Once you are done with installation of Icy Installer 3 for iOS 11 on your iDevice without jailbreak, launch it and start searching for your favorite Cydia tweaks.

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